Auto Maintenance Myths Debunked (part 2)

As we discussed in last week’s blog post, there are many myths about car care and maintenance. By knowing the truth behind these myths, you can make sure that you are properly taking care of your vehicle so that it runs at its optimal performance level. Change your coolant with every oil change The coolant in your radiator actually has a much longer life than your engine oil. Always check your owner’s manual to [...]

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Choosing an Auto Repair Shop

Whether there is a warning light on, your car is in need of an oil change, or it’s time for a routine tune-up, every car owner wants to feel comfortable and secure with their choice of mechanic. Picking the right mechanic can save you money and give you the peace of mind that your car is being properly taken care of. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you search for [...]

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Auto Repairs You Can Do Yourself

You wouldn’t go see your doctor every time you sniffle or sneeze. Most people know better than to seek medical attention for a small cut, bruise, or a minor cold virus. So why would someone take their car in for every minor thing? Because most of us are intimidated by car repairs. What such people do not realize is that there are several repairs that almost anyone can do for their vehicles without any [...]

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Choosing the Right Antifreeze

Not everyone pursues the mechanic’s trade and understands all the ins and outs of vehicle maintenance. But it is important for all vehicle owners to be empowered to do what they can for their vehicles in-between visits to the mechanic or Utah auto repair shop. Antifreeze may seem simple enough. You check the levels. You buy some. You pour it in. Right? Wrong. Not all antifreeze is compatible. You need to buy the right [...]

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Blown Head Gasket

The head gasket, deep inside the engine, is responsible for keeping the oil in the engine. Additionally, it keeps the coolant and air from getting into the oil. If coolant mixes with the oil, it is likely due to a leaky head gasket. If you don’t catch the coolant in the oil first, there are other ways you can tell that the head gasket is leaking. Another sign that the head gasket has blown [...]

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Bad Axle and Bearings

The CV axle is located under the car, with wheel bearings connecting it to the wheels. If the bearings begin to fail, it could lead to a bigger problem, or even a dangerous situation. When the bearing first starts to have trouble, it may vibrate the car softly. As the car is driven down the road, this vibration can be felt coming up from the floor of the car. Although it starts out as [...]

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Auto Software Advances

The old way of fixing cars in auto shops involved mechanics sorting through dozens of repair manuals hundreds of pages thick. Outdated manuals offer little help for newer models. As bad as this sounds, there are many auto shops that still work like this, in spite of a newer, better way. Today, Utah auto repair shops can use modern software for the computer or even the iPad. Utah is one of the leading states [...]

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Maintaining Auto Brakes

Brake maintenance is pivotal for the safety of any vehicle. In between brake jobs, there are a few things you can do to keep your brakes running better longer. Starting with the brake fluid, it is wise to regularly check the fluid levels, in case of a leak. When you check your oil and other fluid levels, check the brake fluid at the same time, as a habit. Aside from just looking at the [...]

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How to Change Spark Plugs

Changing spark plugs is something almost anyone of reasonable ability can do, saving money over paying someone else to do it. Starting with the owner’s manual for your auto, you will need to look up the location of the spark plugs on your vehicle. At an auto parts center, purchase the new spark plugs you will use to replace the old ones. Take your car or truck home and let it cool down completely. [...]

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Fuel Injection Systems

Fuel injection systems come in two main forms. One is the TBI (throttle body injection). In this type of fuel injector system, there is a single or dual barrel throttle body and either one or two shower head injectors mounted above. In the TBI, the fuel is atomized and distributed over the throttle plates and through the intake manifold. Throttle body injection is more efficient than the old-fashioned carburetor, but like the carburetor, it [...]

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